“Digital Today, Prosper Forever!!!”

e-VILLAGE INDIA has explored into bridging the digital gap between Urban and Rural India under the flagship of NeGP of Government of India. (http://meity.gov.in/divisions/national-e-governance-plan).

e-VILLAGE INDIA aims to operate country wide starting their data updating from Mumbai Thane Branch. The company provides various services to rural Indians through its IT techniques run by A S ADVANCE e-VILLAGE INDIA LLP Entrepreneurs. Additionally, the focus is towards ensuring Human, Digital and Physical network driving efficient access to Rural India through our various products and services. It will also help to solve the social issues of the society. e-VILLAGE INDIA is presently operational in all States, Districts & all Villages of India.

This Application will help to grow in the Indian rural Tourism market because with the help of this application many people can help to reach Indian Villages. It will also provide the villagers with a much-needed additional source of income, visitors are able to interact with them and gain a rare insight into their way of life. Our Objectives & Goals are to provide platform for job seekers and employers to rural people, providing latest medical facilities & educational services. We are creating an E-marketing platform for farmer where they can directly contact the buyers. In a city, people should be well connected to villages to know how is their lifestyle, how they live etc. The concept of these business is closely bounded and run through a holistic Social Inclusion model which ensures achievement of Economic Empowerment and Enhancement, Life Quality Enhancement and Livelihood Enhancement

Why we have to use an Application ? To gain Information, to communicate with each other, to Purchase, to Sale, Product Advertisement, Day to Day workings, Career Development, Banking services etc. for this purposes we are using an Application. By combining all the things used in daily life of human life, making available platforms for the satisfaction of the citizens of the country. Including all the journeys from children’s music to the live news of the elderly through information and technology, as well as the whole information of all the villages in the country, compiling the industries and their live updates, E- Village India provides a platform to all these concepts. Our country is a diversified country with many states, districts, taluka and villages. But still we are still totally unaware about all of the information of our country. If we try to start the journey, like The daily needs of the rural people, Grampanchayat, the main crops, the products which belongs to the Villages. The Business and the Job opportunities created by the Government or Private organizations towards those villages we are going to be exhausted. If we try to find all these things and if we visit any village website we will find only the name, Gram Panchayat’s name including their population and nearby villages. In reality only this things will never help in economical enhancement and no one will know how the economy improves. If the detail information is available about the villages then that information will create an helping hands towards the development and the Productivity of the village in view of shortages. The problems which are faced by the Rural people will be resolved by using E- Village India application. This app will work Online as well as Offline and will provide Information about villages, Talukas, Districts and States. It will gives information about entire current affairs of India. The application will introduce two persons indirectly, it will act as a communication mode between them. From any location people can track each other by using its features. E- Village application will allow to Identify new creations, upcoming updates about technology and current affairs of India, like, Art, Creation, and Literatures etc. Each village in India has its own identity. The entire information is provided by man power which is situated in those villages. There are huge sources of employment, recruitment in every village. Inflation control, reducing product costs, tourism nomination, supplementary business, population growth in the city, use of state-of-the-art technology, etc. are important for the development of the country. The contribution of our villages are more important in the development of the country. If there is a thorough understanding of the villages, then the villages in the supplementary environment can be considered for the development of the country. But the ignorance of the villagers or the entire information of that villages, does not reach to the right person. So many villages are found in the backward states only. The main objective of this concept is to give the complete information of such villages to the people of the all over the world with the introduction of modern technology, for the development of the villages. The concept of the project is to reassemble all these villages into one segment. We are providing huge opportunities of employment to each person in 10 villages and giving special co-operatives for each taluka and district. We are establishing a platform for everyone to do free business. Our application is a source of digital marketing, and after giving Training and Marketing guidance we are appointing one representative in every 10 villages. We are setting up a marketing firm in the country, in which we will act as a link between the producers and the consumers because in this application we are collecting all the information about India and all the cities of the country. In Metropolitan areas, we are introducing the identity of the entire country of India in this application. Within a touch we can identify full details of all the states, districts, talukas and villages in the country in which cultures, social and cultural arts, sports, customs, traditions, important links, specialities, industrialization, services available in the villages, facilities, tourist places and village problems that are stored in every village of our country. Aim of the project is to create Digital platform for modernization of specially neglected villages, tourism and small business growth. This application provides complete information about the health services of the villages in our country. It provides direct demonstration of village programmes and daily life(short media daily update). Agricultural utility equipment, innovative methods of irrigation, proper fertilizers, best seeds, pesticides, developed technologies etc. poor application with agricultural information. In many cases, we do not know what our country is like, we are trying to reach to each and every person who is involved in this application.