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Vertical Farming in UK

UK has shown an exponentially growth of Vertical farming setup carried out in various regions. The vertical farming companies, UK, use this method to produce food in vertically stacked layers that are commonly integrated into other structures such as a shipping container or a skyscraper. Several big projects were announced in the last 12 months regarding vertical hydroponic farms in UK.

There are four phases of vertical farming in the UK: Lightning, Growing medium, Sustainability features, Physical layout

Main goals of AS AGRI and AQUA LLP 

The main goals of vertical farming in UK by AS AGRI and AQUA LLP are:

  • To produce more food per square meter.
  • To maintain a perfect level of light by using a combination of natural and artificial lights. 
  • To use aeroponic, aquaponics, and hydroponics growing mediums. 
  • To provide better facilities for the crop plantation.

To achieve these goals, we are leveraging the latest technology and data science to produce fresh food. We are also undertaking vertical turmeric farming in UK and other crops under poly-house. These systems and processes practiced by experts at our company can lead to innovation in urban food production.

vertical farming project

Other details about Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming in Europe is done without any pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides in the farms. Through Urban farming in London, we can control temperature, humidity, lighting, airflow, and nutrition that give us the best productivity of plants in the world. Vertical farming in poly house is a way that provides high productivity and yield of vegetables across the country by protecting the crop from nature uncertainty. 

Vertical farming investment UK depends on the following factors:

  • Cost of electricity
  • Type of crops to be grown
  • Location and price of land
  • Start-up costs 

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Advantages of Vertical Farming

  • Vertical agriculture in UK is a secure strategy to handle increasing future food demands.
  • It uses less amount of water.
  • There is less use of chemicals.
  • It helps us to grow more organic crops.
  • It allows crops to grow year-round.

Disadvantages of Vertical Farming

  • It could be very costly.
  • The process of pollination would be difficult.
  • Vertical agriculture in UK is more reliable on technology and power.
  • It involves high-labor costs.

Thus, we have tried to provide the necessary details about the vertical hydroponic farm and vertical farming techniques and how these are being implemented at AS AGRI and AQUA LLP. 



1. Year-round crop production

2. Eliminates agricultural runoff

3. Significantly reduces use of fossil fuels (farm machines and transport of crops)

4. Makes use of abandoned or unused properties

5. No weather related crop failures

6. Offers the possibility of sustainability for urban centers


Vertical farming is efficient as well as sustainable technology. Vertical Farming has Lots of advantages over traditional farming. Most importantly it is Farming in your control. Control means control of production, maintaining quality, prevention from diseases.

Building a Vertical Farming under Polyhouse is one time costing and it is modern agricultural Industry which gives us yearly yield as well as production. Hence if we calculate the yearly returns till 24 Years, then Vertical Farming is very much cheap. It is one time investment in Infrastructure. The crop which we grow is turmeric and as per the yield which we get from Polyhouse we recover our invested amount within 1.5 years which we have spent in building asset.

Yes its profitable. Just put this sentence in google :- What is the demand of 5% Curcumin Turmeric in International Market, you will find the statististics. This type of turmeric is in huge demand in Pharma, Health and Nutrition and Nutraceutical Industries. Even if we construct such 10,000 Polyhouses in India, then also we can fulfil only 8% demand of such type of Turmeric.

- Considering the huge demand in International Market, we have selected Turmeric crop to be grown by Vertical Farming. Understand that we produce 5% Curcumin content Turmeric in Polyhouse, which is eligible for Export. Another property of Turmeric is its shelf life. 3 Years nothing will happen to this crop, once it is dried and we have a technology, through which we can preserve it till 6 years. India produces 82% Turmeric (Curcumin less than 3%) in world and we are major consumer of such type of turmeric. Domestically it is consumed mainly in powder form. So in future we can also start producing 5% of Curcumin Turmeric Powder which will be huge business, which is not yet started.

Considering the huge demand in International Market, we have selected Turmeric crop to be grown by Vertical Farming. We can grow soybean, harbara dal and many crops in vertical farming

  • 100 Acres of Export Quality Turmeric we are producing in 1 Acre by A S AGRI AND AQUA Technology
  • In one acre we produce 8000 to 10,000 quintal wet Turmeric.
  • Turmeric which is produced by A S AGRI AND AQUA Technology is having curcumin 5 % and more.
  • We can plant this crop anytime in the year and hence can produce yield as per market requirements.
  • Since production is carried out in a controlled environment with natural nutrients, we get a quality crop.
  • We save almost 85% water, 85% Labour and 90% Land hence it helps social cause also.


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